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One of the reasons summer’s so great is because I love it when the Blue Angels come to town! (They’re a performing U.S. Navy Demonstration Flight Squadron that fly Boeing F/A – 18 Super Hornets – it’s so damn sexy and thrilling). When I hear those jets racing past our office windows just north of Boeing Field…it’s a shot of fuel that shouts SUMMER IN SEATTLE! On a whim I flew straight into a navy & yellow mission, the colors are bold and crisp and I was curious about the combo applied to home design. The results: an inspiring fresh collection of interiors that span traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

There’s no denying the navy and yellow color combination exudes a formidable dynamic energy and a refined elegance; the tradition and skill of the Blue Angel’s display is unlike anything I’ve seen. 

Their pilots and crew define precision and performance – and that means their own color story is no accident. Navy symbolizes strength and reliability, while vibrant yellow adds liveliness and creativity, making it ideal for an attention-grabbing aesthetic. 

For me, as an Interior Designer who thrives on a luxury outlaw approach and challenges norms with a daring blend of opulence and playfulness, this came to me as a fun idea: find interior images that show the same strength, energy, and liveliness as the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. 

I think you’ll be as surprised and delighted as I was to see the adventure and allure that captures the spirit of the Blue Angels’ aerial prowess.

Hooyah – and thank you for your service!

Proof that those gorgeous jets really do have a beautiful color scheme…