Kirkland Modern Organic

Kirkland, WA

Residential Remodel

Details: home to a tech minded guy and his yogi wife, this home needed more definition with style and materials.

Concept: to avoid a “cold” aesthetic, the foundation of the design will be the warm blonde hardwood floors, while also taking advantage of some of the existing materials to create a refined yet comfortable.

Contrast in the kitchen — white cabinets with grey “concrete” counters — give a modern appeal, using the existing cabinets with new doors and drawer faces. Significant updates were made to the two main bathrooms to maintain a very modern look but allowing for a bit of fun. For furnishing and styling, the choices represent a casual but refined way of using each room, ranging from very loose and comfortable to tailored and restrained.

Timeline: 9 months

Architecture: Okano Picard Studio⁠

Construction: Ridpath Construction⁠

Photography: Mike Duryea


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