September 2020: Where Fashion & Interior Design Intersect

As we know, the intersection between fashion design and interior design is one that is fun to blur because there is a fluid exchange of inspiration between the two worlds. Whether you’re exploring the use of texture, the juxtaposition of patterns, or some new & exciting color play, the two feed one another in ways that can push us creatively. 

In fashion and in interiors, neutrals don’t have to be boring – not when they’re layered and pulled together with intention. 

Playing with patterns and unexpected color combinations is one of the beautifully exciting aspects of being a designer – be it in fashion on interiors – because you’re getting to push your creative limits, but also giving your clients or potential customers permission to do the same. 

“Bringing the outdoors in” can sometimes be taken too literally, with over the top greenery; but done correctly it can be done beautifully indoors and on a runway. 

Working with jewel tones allows for experimentation when design — no matter the medium — because jewel tones can evoke an array of emotions be it in a garment or in the closet it hangs. 


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