Life Style: Gatherings (September 2020)

I think on some level, we all expected that by the time September rolled around we’d be having one last summer hoorah for Labor Day and then getting the kiddos off to school. Instead we’re still in the throws of the pandemic and civil unrest, schools are kind of but not really open, and while many places are “back to normal”, gatherings don’t seem like they’ll ever be like they once were. 



  1. an assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose.

It’s crazy to think that something that was so commonplace, and that we likely never gave a second thought, would become the one thing we can’t or shouldn’t do to keep our loved ones safe. 

While on vacation with the family, we had to be mindful of social distancing protocols and it was an interesting few days, because you typically gather with family and friends for the closeness and the intimacy. You want to sit close, crack jokes, clink your glasses, and just do all those things that feel “natural” but all of that now has to be second-guessed. 

Here’s the thing – having to take these extra precautions in no way minimized the experience. People everywhere – us included – have still been able to enjoy the company of those we hold dear, even if it is with 6’ between us. Living in the Pacific Northwest has allowed us to take advantage of the outdoors in ways that we maybe never considered before. 

Whether you’re camping, having a picnic brunch, or going on a family hike, you can still safely gather; and truth be told, with everything going on, gatherings are now more valued than ever.

Here’s your chance to get inspired for your next [socially distanced] gathering:

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