Finding Your Style: Where Fashion & Interior Design Intersect

When starting a project, one of the most important first steps for us is creating a mood board — a visual representation of the direction for the design. Just like creating our brand board, we pull images that serve as a vision board — not exact replicas of the project’s style, but elements of the design that come together for one cohesive aesthetic that captures the client’s vision. All of the elements of the mood board work together in unison but what makes them dynamic is the inspiration we pull from outside of interior design, ie. in nature and in fashion.

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So let’s talk about fashion…

The relationship between fashion and interior design isn’t a new one — the ever-evolving fashion industry has long provided inspiration for interior spaces, with ideas that go from the runway to the entryway, manifesting in everything from window treatment patterns to innovative lighting design. When we’re sourcing inspiration we browse Instagram, Pinterest, and even our own extensive magazine collection for imagery that reflects the palette and mood of the spaces we’re creating. 

With interior design being as much visual as it is technical, translating the client’s vision can mean going outside of the world of design, and the fashion world is a robust muse — how do we convey your desires in a way that’s visually easy to digest?


When nailing down the color palette for a project, we start with a few core hues that ultimately get fleshed out, resulting in the final palette; but there are certain combinations that are difficult for a client to visualize. Because of the experimental nature of fashion, we’re able to illustrate how some “unorthodox color combinations manifest.


In theory, with the right adjectives, we can quickly convey the mood of the space — “light” “airy” “cozy” “inviting” “moody” “bold” etc — however there’s a magic in having a visual representation that can quickly invoke those feelings without words. Fashion inspiration allows us to demonstrate how a particular combination of materials and tones can also capture the feelings they want for the home.


One of our least favorite questions to ask a client is “what’s your style” because truth is it’s a loaded question. As the experts, we’re exposed to a multitude of styles and acutely aware of how different styles evolve and/or come together to create something that is unique to every client. Our wardrobes are just as multifaceted as our homes (in most instances) so by turning to fashion so show how a myriad of styles can come together, our clients are better able to express their sense of style without feeling compelled to toss around interior design buzzwords….that may not accurately depict the style they want for their home.

Fashion designers are able to create bespoke looks that speak to a multitude of styles at once. Similarly, we love to curate a style that truly speaks to each specific client, versus a broad stroke of one style over the other.

While using another completed space or design for inspiration has value, often a client can take the image too literal, not allowing themselves to explore the feelings of the space; fashion as inspiration, on the other hand, allows them to a little a deeper and we can get to the literal heart of the design.

Our clients bring us on board to have a designer present them with ideas that are a little out of the ordinary and push them out of their comfort zone a little bit (or a lotta bit) and we’re happy to do it. We can present bold, contemporary ideas or classic traditional concepts by turning to our runway counterparts for visual inspiration, in the same way that exploring your wardrobe choices speaks to your personality archetype.


On a micro-scale — when you look in your closet what does it say about you? Is this reflected in your home? Or is there a disconnect between your aesthetic personality and your reality? If you’re feeling as though your home doesn’t speak to your sense of style and you’re struggling to decode your design style, your own personal wardrobe is the perfect muse. In that same way, on a macro level, we look to current fashion “trends” to help up (and our clients) articulate the look and feel of their project.

Interior design and fashion design are two creative mediums that often intersect and the influences are run both ways; which is why it is particularly important for us to be able to use these influences to inspire our own design choices.

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