5 Color Combos We’re Loving for Summer

The calendar says it’s Summer, and while the climate has finally caught up with the date here in Seattle, most people aren’t as excited for the season change as we’d normally be.

Summer is typically a season of rest and togetherness — school is out, families are going on vacation, and people are taking advantage of the longer days to get outside and in nature as much as possible — yet having had spent the better part of the past 5 months in our homes, having to wear masks any and everywhere in public, and having many summer festivities cancelled has really set the stage for a very unorthodox summer.

An unorthodox Summer makes for unorthodox summer combos. With summer less than 60 days away, these color combinations will also be the perfect hues to help transition us into the Fall, as you’ll notice a balance of bright and subdued, bold and neutral.

Here’s your seasonal dose of summer palettes you should (but have probably never) consider and why they work:

Fuschia & Olive

Ivory & Orange

Lilac & Navy

Neon Pink & Brown

Canary & Khaki

Introducing these combinations into your home doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation, i.e. getting upholstery with these exact color combinations or exclusively using these colors on the wall. The best executing design with strike a balance with your furnishings, decor, and peripheral design elements, such as paint, lighting, and wall coverings.

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