Our 20 year heritage of home design + home building means we comprehend every aspect of your project.
— -Stacy Becker, Owner/Lead Designer

The firm first believes that SERVICE is above all else. Second, though not secondary, is a desire for BEAUTY. And a 20 year history rounds out the EXPERTISE all projects require.

An introduction

Stacy Becker is an interior designer with a building background - that's incredibly rare - and that's why White Label Interiors exists today. She is the only classically trained Interior Designer in the Northwest.

Stacy and her team don't just do the pretty parts, they note "We love construction and collaboration and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty...but we also love to design a silk velvet reading chair, too, which is a unique perspective."

White Label focuses on deeply styled primary homes and region-specific second homes. We are a full-scope, full-service interior design firm that works closely with homeowners, architects, builders, and craftspeople. 

Stacy started White Label to marry together her luxury interior design talent and on-site experience as a design/build contractor. The culmination of client interactions, beautiful designs, and technical repertoire has helped to establish her as an industry known and respected Seattle Interior Designer.


work experience

Architects that White Label has the privilege of working alongside:

...in various capacities from assistant designer, lead designing team, & consulting...

Stuart Silk Architects

Okano Picard Studio

Stillwell Hanson Architects

HKS Dallas

Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Architects

Lane Williams Architects


Builders that White Label has had the honor of working with:

RW Anderson Construction - Seattle, WA and various other locations

Urban Restoration - Bellevue, WA

Renewal Remodels - Mercer Island, WA

Mercer Builders - Mercer Island, WA

The story

Stacy Becker is the Owner & Principal Designer at White Label Interiors.  She is the only Interior Designer in the Seattle with a Classical Architecture & Art background.  

The Interior Design gene has been evident in Stacy's life since the age of 5 when she began to sketch floor plans in her grade school notebook. Her weekend afternoons were filled with This Old House and New Yankee Workshop episodes and admiring her father's woodshop and mother's sewing skills.  She knew interiors would drive her life, with art and craft riding in the passenger's seat.

As a young girl growing up in the outdoors, on the family farm and in the woods of the midwest, the regional architecture and natural surroundings helped to shape her design aesthetic.  The influence of the National Park system, Historic Sites, and Historic Building Registry is continually felt throughout her interiors. The American lineage of her life has roots that are deep in grounded natural elements, finishes, and materials but are consistently looking further toward the next great luxury, technology, and industry.

Her experience as an outdoor leadership educator proves invaluable while working with clients; when people are unfamiliar with a territory it can seem daunting.  The goal of White Label, she decided, would be for the firm to be a Leader. 

In her 20's Stacy began a residential painting company in Crested Butte, Colorado and became a licensed Real Estate Agent.  By her mid-20's, upon living all over the country for the 7 years prior - from Iowa, to Washinton, to Michigan, to Colorado, to Maine- she felt a need to return to the Pacific Northwest and begin her life formally as an Interior Designer. It was time to plant her personal and professional roots deep in to the Emerald City.

A Bachelors of Applied Arts in Interior Design honed and refined her lifelong talent of art and spatial studies. While pursuing her degree Stacy worked alongside renowned Seattle Interior Designer, Holly McKinley. For 6 years she assisted McKinley in the office drawing custom furniture, sourcing products at the Seattle Design Center, and selecting countertop slabs at stone warehouses across the city. Stacy molded relationships with the regions finest and most talented craftspeople; metalsmiths, upholsterers, fabricators, stonesmiths, builders, and architects. McKinley's innate Northwest Contemporary design aesthetic was punctuated by traditional design by way of furnishings, antiques, and building methods; her attention to the very last design detail has resonated with Stacy to this day. It will be forever a part of Stacy's design heritage. White Label would learn from this, she thought, we will promote craft.

A career move then took her to another renowned Seattle firm, Susan Marinello Interiors. Her artistic designer skills were dialed even further by mastering 3D rendering programs and the daily use of computer aided drafting. Working on high-end residential projects put Stacy face-to-face with impeccable people - clients and architects alike. Every element of a home was evaluated, from foundation to linens; she was smitten with the level of consideration. Other projects included boutique hotels, restaurants, and multi-family high-rise buildings; from Sun Valley to Napa, Seattle to San Francisco. White Label would learn from this, she thought, we will consider every luxury.

A desire to work directly with the builders and craftspeople led her to Renewal Remodels & Addition. Stacy was an Interior Designer there, whose focus was to design and detail full home remodels. With swift timelines established and stringent construction standards her efficiency became honed with each passing project. Stacy's familiarity with construction materials and labor costs helped to maintain strict budgets established firsthand. White Label will learn from this, she thought, we will know hard costs.

Today White Label is a growing and thriving interiors firm. We would be honored to serve you. Please contact us to get the conversation started.